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Smartsalary welcomes the Sunshine State!

Smartsalary is very pleased to announce its appointment to the Queensland Government’s new Salary Packagaing Arrangement.

The Queensland Government employs about 230,000 people; over 100,000 of its employees are currently sacrificing some portion of their salary, making this the largest such Arrangement in Australia.

Public sector employees in Queensland now have choice in their salary packaging provider, which also includes a choice in their novated leasing provider. As the newest addition to this panel of two, Smartsalary aims to bring a fresh approach to salary packaging in the Sunshine State, and we will work closely with the various government agencies, employees and financial advisers.

To accommodate the potential growth that lies ahead, and to make sure we continue to look after our existing customers, we have boosted our staffing numbers. Over the past few months we have recruited more than 30 people to join our team, and we are looking for a further 20 down-to-earth team players who are passionate about customer service!

On behalf of the entire Smartsalary team, I’d like to thank all of our existing clients – your continued support is the main reason why more organisations continue to select Smartsalary. Rest assured that we will continue to work hard to keep providing the highest levels of service in the industry.

We welcome the Queensland Government and its employees to our program. Everyone at Smartsalary is really looking forward to helping you maximise your salary!

Over 78,000 trees planted thanks to our novated leasing customers

Australia’s carbon emissions have been the focus of much debate recently. At Smartsalary, we take the environmental impact of car travel very seriously – especially given that novated car leases are amongst our most popular products.

We recognise that it is our responsibility to take action against that impact. For some time now, we’ve been partnered with not-for-profit organisation Greenfleet to help offset carbon emissions generated by vehicles leased through Smartsalary.

Our carbon offset program is called Purple meets Green. To all of our customers involved with the program, we’d like to say thank you – to date, your donations have allowed Greenfleet to allocate 78,866 trees to areas in need of regeneration around Australia.

How will these trees help the environment?

Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted almost 7 million native trees in Australia. Today, the resulting forests are helping to restore habitat for wildlife, reduce soil erosion and salinity, and improve water quality.

Below is an example of a Greenfleet biodiverse forest at Battery Creek, VIC.

Again, we send sincere thanks to our customers for their commitment to helping the environment, and hope many more trees are planted on your behalf.

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Deven Billimoria
Chief Executive Officer

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