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Workplace Diversity: It’s in our secret sauce!

As you saw on my last blog post, one of the questions on the Hewitt staff engagement survey pertains to workplace diversity. In fact, our staff gave us higher marks on diversity than on any other area. So we did some digging, and here is what we found:

• 47% of Smartsalary staff were born overseas; this is more than double for Australia as a whole.

• Smartsalary staff hail from right around the world.

• Following on this, it is probably not surprising that more than 45% of Smartsalary staff are multi-lingual – again more than double the level for Australia as a whole.

Certainly diversity encompasses a broader definition; we’d need to include gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic background . . . the list goes on and on. And we believe that Smartsalary would fare well on just about all of these dimensions.

So why is diversity important?

We think that a diverse workplace, one in which staff have a greater range of perspectives, is probably conducive to better serving you, our increasingly diverse customers!

You see, Smartsalary has been one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, having grown more than 40 times over the past decade. We think that diverse ways of thinking have helped us to better problem-solve and to better adapt to rapidly evolving workplace and customer requirements.

One of the things that our copywriter Nell (the person who helps me with these blog posts!) stressed to me is that there are no boundaries within management . . . that perhaps the most diverse team in the company is our executive management team. Nell thinks that this diversity at the top shows staff that the only thing that matters when it comes to promotions is ability – personal, social and environmental factors simply don’t get a guernsey! She said to me that “as long as you work hard and deliver quality results, you will advance.” Ahhh . . . music to my ears!

This diversity thing is sounding better and better! Seems like we are onto a good thing. With so many business challenges, it is good to see that the company is tracking ok on this important measure.

The Hewitt Best Employer Results are in . . .

. . . and we are reasonably pleased that we actually did all right and continue to make progress, though unfortunately we didn’t pick up a prize along the way!

As you can see from the graph below, 60% of our staff remain engaged, and a further 19% of staff remain nearly engaged (or reasonably satisfied with their employment at Smartsalary).  So the Smartsalary team is doing well,  yet there’s certainly plenty of potential for next year’s survey!

When we look at the details behind the survey, we see some high percentages of people who agree and strongly agree on a number of questions.  In fact, we maintained or improved our score in 50 of 54 questions, compared to the prevoius year. 

One of the key reasons why we are so focussed on staff engagement is because higher engagement levels have been shown to underpin higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, which naturally drive stronger company performance.

So we’ll definitely stay the course with the Hewitt Best Employer survey and endeavour to improve our engagement levels for the sake of our staff, and the sake of

you, our valued customers!

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Claim your expenses online now!

Our vision at Smartsalary is to be the easiest salary packaging & novated leasing company to deal with. Developing online tools that replace the tedious paper trail is one of the many aspects of our plan that is helping us turn this vision into reality.

We’ve released an exciting new feature on our website;  you can now submit and upload substantiation for your claims online!

You see, at Smartsalary, we process 200,000 claims per year.  Since we often get huge stacks of receipts stapled together, it can be a messy process.

So now you are able to claim your expenses electronically right on our website!  Currently, this feature is available for the most popular claim types:

1. Novated Lease running expenses

2. General living expenses; available to those of you who work in the not-for-profit or public health sectors

3. Meal Entertainment expenses, which may be applicable if you work in the not-for-profit or public health sectors

Simply log into your account and you’ll find the tool ready for use. We’ve already received well over 1,000 claims online, and the initial feedback has been very positive.

The advantages of the online claiming process are:

1. We’ll receive your claim faster.

2. You can track the status of your claims online.

3. Your claim will be express-processed (especially if you upload the substantiation electronically) – they are currently being processed within one day.

It’s a leading edge capability within the salary sacrifice industry, so don’t delay . . . log-in now and submit your claims online today!

Deven Billimoria
Chief Executive Officer

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