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If you work for the Queensland Government (excluding Queensland Health), you probably know that in 2011 Smartsalary was appointed on the panel of QGCPO 250/10  salary packaging providers.  Any employees who wish to change providers can do so only during the designated transition windows under the Arrangement.  Lastly, the most recent transition window closed on the 15th February 2012.  The next transition window is likely to be between 15th January and 15th February 2013.

We are pleased to advise that more than 600 employees have transitioned across to Smartsalary during this most recent window.  We were delighted with this result.  What surprised us however, was that a further 1200 employees commenced services afresh with Smartsalary during this transition window.

So yes, employees currently in a salary packaging arrangement will need to wait for the next window before they can transition.  But if you are not currently salary packaging through QGCPO 250/10, then you can do so at any point during the year.

Queensland Government employees are able to choose their Novated Lease financier and/or fully maintained provider.  Go to www.qldsmartsalary.com.au and click on the novated car leasing tab for more information and to compare Smartsalary’s novated leasing options with other Novated Leasing providers.  The Queensland Government Novated Leasing Information Booklet available via the QCD – http://qcd.govnet.qld.gov.au/Pages/Details.aspx?RecID=839 also offers employees information on the salary packaging of a motor vehicle through a Novated Lease.

Note: Queensland Health Employees are not eligible to salary sacrifice with Smartsalary.

Deven Billimoria

CEO, Smartsalary

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Deven Billimoria
Chief Executive Officer

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