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No ZEST for work?

Not totally engaged with your work? No worries. At Smartsalary we’ll pay you to leave voluntarily! Check out the memo we recently distributed to staff:

Does your job give you ZEST?

SmartGroup believes in inspiring ZEST in our staff. Think 4 simple words:





But why is ZEST important? Isn’t in enough to come to work, do your job and go home?


But a happy workplace also equals productivity, motivation and innovation.

That’s why we want our employees to come to work every day with Zeal and Engagement, and leave work feeling a sense of Satisfaction with their work, and Trust in us.

So if you don’t think your job is giving you ZEST, we’re offering you $500 to leave – no questions asked.

This offer is available to anyone who has just completed three months with us. You’ll have a fortnight after the three month mark to decide whether we’re the right fit for you.

If we’re not – no hard feelings! Please enjoy $500 on us in return for giving it a fair go.

We got the idea from Zappos, an online retailer purchased a few years ago by Amazon for nearly $900m. They are an innovative company, well known for their exceptional service. In fact, we featured them on a previous blog post!

Yes, performance management is as important as ever but sometimes staff who are performing well simply aren’t engaged. And yes, we are still growing very fast – averaging well over 20% growth over the past several years. And we are actively recruiting – we currently have almost 20 job vacancies.

Nevertheless, we are absolutely passionate about engaging staff. The philosophy is that we can’t possibly service our customers as best possible unless we have staff who have ZEST for their work.

So what do you think? Good initiative? We’re curious to see whether staff take it up and how this impacts on our overall engagement levels.

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Deven Billimoria
Chief Executive Officer

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