We’re officially one of Australia’s most innovative companies!

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We were thrilled to discover this morning that Smartgroup has been ranked 31st on BRW Magazine’s list of Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2013. It’s really lovely for our staff to get recognition for all their efforts, especially in this, our first year of entering the awards.

People often think that artists are born with their talent, musicians have a magic touch. That creativity takes a special something in the genes that you can’t learn. And the same is often thought of innovation. Fortunately, that’s not true!

The good news is, innovation is something that people can develop and anyone can innovate if they’re prepared to modify their behaviours. We can all do it!

The lead in to the feature in BRW says: “It’s [innovation] not a one-off event, but rather an ongoing goal for which all businesses should strive.” I couldn’t agree more!

So how do you become an innovator?

Smartsalary strategy triangle

Smartsalary strategy triangle


At Smartgroup, in 2012 we updated our strategy triangle to include ‘innovation’ as well as ‘agile’.

We used a methodology outlined in Clay Christensen’s The Innovator’s DNAChristensen is one of my academic heroes. He’s widely viewed as one of the world’s most influential business thinkers and his methodology is clearly working for us. Christensen’s five behaviours of innovators include:

  • Associational thinking: creatively solve challenging problems by drawing on diverse ideas or knowledge.
  • Questioning: often ask questions that challenge others’ fundamental assumptions.
  • Observing: get innovative ideas by directly observing how people interact with products and services.
  • Networking: regularly talk with a diverse set of people (e.g. from different functions, industries, geographies) to find and refine new business ideas.
  • Experimenting: frequently experiment to create new ways of doing things.

For an organisation to innovate, you need to provide an environment where there’s room for individuals to choose to innovate and that’s what we’re doing here. It’s crucial for us as a company and that’s why it’s a key part of our strategy.

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  1. 1 Dolon December 2, 2013 at 6:52 am

    Congratulations! Good to see that Innovation is alive and well.

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Deven Billimoria
Chief Executive Officer

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