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Smartsalary Client Breakfast . . . Check Out the Short Video!

Every year, we host a series of client breakfasts across capital cities in Australia.  It’s a great opportunity for us to share our story with all of our clients, both longstanding and new ones. We host these breakfasts at the end of the year so it is an opportune time to recap on the year past, shed some light on the year ahead, and thank our valued clients for their continued support.

Our clients span a broad range of industries, so it’s also a good opportunity for them to meet each other and share their own wonderful stories.

We’ve condensed our presentation to a few minutes below . . . hope you enjoy it!

For your reference, our 2012 breakfast presentation stars the following fabulous team members!

  • Houda, Lebbos, our Chief HR Officer, speaking about our innovation initiatives
  • Simon Ellis, our Senior Tax Advisor, updating us on the rising popularity of novated leasing
  • Michael Ellies, our Chief Operating Officer, touching on recent and future service enhancements
  • Dave Adler, our Chief Commercial Officer, highlighting our initial foray into social media

2012-13 Federal Budget Analysis: Video

Watch our video analysis of the 2012-13 Federal Budget. Simon Ellis, our Senior Tax Specialist, outlines his thoughts on the budget and how they will impact salary packaging.  A written summary can also be found here.

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Volunteering with Foodbank

For a few years now, we’ve wanted to roll out a staff volunteer program.

You see, as a salary packaging company, we’ve got lots of clients that are charities, so naturally we thought that it would make sense to work with one of those organisations!  As it happens, however, the organisations we contacted thought it would be troublesome to have a dozen people show up on short notice wanting to help . . . we learned that this could be quite disruptive for our clients.

Then we discovered Foodbank. It’s a national, not-for-profit organisation that distributes food to welfare agencies which feed the hungry. In fact, it’s the largest hunger-relief organisation in Australia.

Foodbank relies heavily on volunteers to prepare orders and pack food, so it was the perfect solution for us.  As you know from my last post, we have staff right across the country – and Foodbank also have locations nationwide. They’re able to take volunteers anytime and on any day . . . just what we were looking for!

To kick the program off, a few of us headed to Foodbank’s Sydney distribution centre . . . as you can see below!

If your organisation is looking for a worthy cause, you can find out more about Foodbank on their website:  In addition to making a valuable contribution to a fantastic charity, I personally also found it to be a good team building event, as we bagged oranges and collected food orders!

And if any of our clients DO have volunteer programs that we can be a part of, please let us know – we’d love to help where we can!

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Better World Flux: Where progress flows

Do you know how Australia ranks globally on indicators like life expectancy, health expenditure per capita or primary school completion? How about on less common indicators, such as happiness, or the percentage of women in Parliament? What about the rest of the world? How do other countries rank?

This is Dave Adler, Smartsalary’s Chief Marketing Officer. I am borrowing Deven’s space to bring you the story of Better World Flux, an application that has been developed by a bright young Australian who really cares about our planet.

But let’s start at the beginning.

The United Nations has developed what are known as the Millennium Development Goals in an effort to unite the world by working towards common causes. The goals include ending poverty and hunger, universal education for all, child health, maternal health and combating HIV/AIDS.

David Schönstein’s Better World Flux endeavours to heighten awareness about the UN Millennium Development Goals by making data more accessible – that is, data that will answer the questions we raised at the beginning of this post, and more. Accessibility and awareness are the tools that Schönstein hopes will inspire us to help make the world a better place.

Smartsalary sponsored this project as a tribute to our customers in the Education and Health sectors – teachers, scientists, doctors, nurses and many others who are actively tackling these goals every day. They do this by educating our future leaders, researching cures for diseases and keeping our population healthy, such invaluable and important roles in our community.

Better World Flux is a tool that all of our customers and the wider community can use, regardless of their industry sector, to understand and promote the UN Millennium Development Goals as well as reflect on what really matters in life. By using the site and creating your own Flux you can see that Australia, for example, is amongst the world’s leaders when it comes to life expectancy (average of 81 years) and years of schooling (average of 12 years).

We hope that you take some time to discover Better World Flux. Enjoy it. And share it.

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Queensland Disaster Relief Fund

Like all Australians, Smartsalary has watched the flood disaster unfold in Queensland over the past week with great dismay and we’re now asking ourselves “what can we do?”

We’re looking into a salary packaging solution for pre-tax donations and as soon as we know more we will update you on opportunities in this regard. (see update below)

In the meantime, to help this important cause, we’ve made a modest direct donation to the Queensland Disaster Relief Fund and we encourage others who are concerned to give what they can.

Our hearts and minds go out to those affected in Queensland at the present time.

Update: Smartsalary has now set up a salary packaging facility for donations to be made directly from your pre-tax salary to the Queensland Flood Appeal – you can access this facility by logging in to your Smartsalary account.  For a variety of reasons not all employers have enabled this opportunity so simply check your account to see whether this option is available to you.

Thanks again for your interest and generosity.

Deven Billimoria
Chief Executive Officer

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