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Smartfleet’s win is a win for taxpayers

SF and NSW Gov (1)

After a rigorous tender process, Smartfleet has been appointed as one of two providers to deliver fleet management services to NSW Government.

The model adopted by NSW Government, separating fleet management from financiers, is one that Smartfleet has long advocated.  In this instance, government departments will have one of two fleet administrators to choose from, then a panel of six vehicle leasing companies will bid for individual leases.

The move by the Government follows a review by PricewaterhouseCoopers of the State’s fleet operations.

According to Dominic Perrottet, the Minister for Finance, Services and Property, the big winners will be NSW taxpayers. “This government is committed to investing in the infrastructure and frontline services the state needs. The private sector thrives on competition, and under our new model these providers will drive down the Government’s costs and allow agencies to access best practice in fleet management, which means a better service for government, and better value for taxpayers.” Mr Perrottet said the new model will free up around $1 billion in capital over the next four years.

My congratulations go to the Smartfleet team and all involved in contributing to our success. We’re excited to be given this fantastic opportunity, and we’re confident that our approach and capabilities will deliver excellent service to NSW Government Departments.

We think this is quite an innovative model being employed by the Government, and we look on with interest to see if other governments will follow New South Wales’ lead.

Smartfleet client Tasmania Dept of Health & Human Services wins the AfMA Fleet Environment Award

We are extremely proud that one of our Smartfleet clients, Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services, has been awarded the 2013 AfMA Fleet Environment Award for the maximum impact in reducing greenhouse emissions. Congratulations to the DHHS for taking a bold initiative towards reducing CO2 emissions.

In 2009, DHHS initiated a RFQ process for an online pool vehicle booking solution. Smartfleet was successful in its bid for the business. DHHS and Smartfleet worked collaboratively to implement a pool vehicle booking system, taking into account any necessary cultural adjustments.

Their strategy to reduce CO2 emissions included:

  1. Reducing fleet vehicles
  2. Moving to greener vehicles
  3. Reducing use of rental vehicles.

The graph below shows that Tasmania DHHS fleet was able to reduce CO2 emissions by 15% since June 2011.

emissions graph 2

Clearly we consider ourselves to be successful only when are clients are successful.  So while it is always nice to win business, helping our clients achieve their objectives is really our only measure of success.

Introducing Smartfleet: Australia’s smartest fleet manager

When Smartsalary first started in 2001, customer service in the salary packaging industry was not particularly inspiring.  In fact, about 75% of Smartsalary clients today were once with another provider and switched to us principally due to poor service delivered by their incumbent.  Due to increased competition by newer entrants over the past decade, the overall service provision today within the salary packaging industry is generally better.

Best practice Fleet Management

A couple of years ago, as we were considering our entry into the fleet management industry, we found that similar improvements could be made to the service levels in that industry, just like in the salary packaging industry.   So we got to thinking . . . how could we make a contribution?

Over the past two years, Smartsalary has acquired two independent fleet management companies – Webfleet (founded in 2002) and Australian Vehicle Consultants (AVC – founded in 2001).  They are complementary businesses; Webfleet’s key strength is its comprehensive web-based system whilst AVC Fleet offers premium maintenance and authorisation functions. Today, Webfleet and AVC manage 35,000 vehicles across Australia, and have been re-branded as Smartfleet.

Smartfleet’s point of difference is to be able to offer either a totally outsourced fleet management solution, or a software solution that can be managed in-house by the client – and for our salary packaging clients, we can now offer a one-stop shop. Our long-term vision can be summed up by our tagline – to be widely recognised as the easiest fleet management company to deal with.

For a better idea of what Smartfleet can offer, have a look at our brand new website:

We think the future of Smartfleet is bright.  We will pour our hearts into servicing the fleet industry, much as we have the packaging industry over the past decade . . . and we look forward to being of service.

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Deven Billimoria
Chief Executive Officer

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