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Have you got ZEST?

We’re totally focussed on staff engagement and the ultimate customer experience here at Smartgroup. We believe the two go hand in hand and it’s just as important to present a compelling value proposition to employees as it is to customers.

We put a lot of emphasis on making sure that our team is at the top of its game and part of that is ZEST, which we introduced about 18 months ago. ZEST means Zeal, Engagement, Satisfaction and Trust. We want our employees to come to work every day with Zeal and Engagement, and leave work feeling a sense of Satisfaction with their work, and Trust in us. At the three month mark every new starter is offered the option to leave with a ‘thank you’ of $500 for giving it a go. If they don’t feel ZEST in their role, for whatever reason, it allows for a graceful departure and a greater sense of goodwill for everyone involved.

zestSince the programme began in August 2012, we have issued a total of 123 new employees with ZEST offers. Only three people have taken up the offer and left the company. We’re delighted with the results – these figures translate to a 98% stick rate, which is testament in part to our recruitment and on-boarding, as well as our ongoing commitment to increasing staff engagement.

What initially seemed to be a very counter intuitive idea has given us great feedback on true levels of engagement and satisfaction. Given our low take up and desire to further improve our culture, we’ve decided to increase the tension and raise the offer from $500 to $1000. We’re interested to see if this will increase uptake and thus enable us to maintain only the most committed staff. We will keep you posted!

Smartsalary Staff Engagement At All Time High

Staff engagement is everything to us at Smartsalary. In fact, it’s at the core of our business strategy. After all, if your staff aren’t a little loopy about your company, why would your customers be?

Last year, Smartsalary was accredited a Best Employer by Aon Hewitt, one of only 19 such companies in Australia.  Further, we have just completed the 2013/14 engagement survey and we were thrilled that our engagement score edged upwards, from 72% up to 75%.  We’ll find out in May 2014 whether we will repeat as a Best Employer!

Aon Hewitt employee engagement graph

High staff engagement is absolutely critical to us, as it has got to be THE key driver of customer satisfaction / loyalty.

Incidentally, I read a report last week about global employee engagement rates, with some really eye-opening results. According to the Gallup report, only 13% of workers across the world are engaged at work, which means that only 1 in 8 workers are making a positive contribution to their workplace.

On a regional level it’s not all doom and gloom, Australia ranks highly, with higher engagement levels than the majority of countries surveyed. 24% of Aussie workers are engaged and only 16% said they were actively disengaged, i.e., unhappy and unproductive at work.

Gallup global employee engagement table

While it is certainly pleasing to see our company engagement level at 75% (3x the national average), we are focussed clearly on continuing our march to yet higher levels of staff engagement . . . no doubt this can only mean yet higher levels of service to you, our valued customers!

Deven Billimoria
Chief Executive Officer

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