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Salary packaging – sooner

The process of starting a new job can often mean being swamped with paperwork –  particularly for our busy customers who work in the health sector. Filling out multiple forms to supply their personal details and financial information, coupled with a bunch of internal forms, can be an onerous and time-consuming task.

As a result, some people simply forget, or never get around to signing up for the benefits of salary sacrificing.

Smartsalary recognised this gap and developed a tailor-made process that enables employees to get their salary packaging up and running more quickly, and therefore start to save money sooner. This initiative helped Smartsalary to be recognised as one of the most ‘cutting edge’ companies by the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies Award.

strategy triangle

Continuous innovation is a key theme for our business, enabling rapid growth and strong performance results since business inception.

As one of our health customers observed, Smartsalary “developed a solution to a long-standing recruitment issue and this has culminated in the fine-tuning of seamless onboarding processes. Ongoing support and follow-up have meant small gaps were ironed out before the go-live. We look forward to a process that will allow our staff to easily engage with some of the benefits of working for a health institution as soon as they accept the job.”

More than 1,000 companies vie for these awards, so to make the top 50 again is a remarkable achievement. I’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone at Smartsalary for continuing to improve our service for hundreds of thousands of customers across Australia.

This innovation award, coupled with our recent National Service Champion award, suggests that maybe, just maybe, we are a pretty good company to deal with!

We’re officially one of Australia’s most innovative companies….again!


We are delighted that Smartsalary has once again made it to the 2014 BRW list of Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Companies. This year we ranked 44th based in part on how we’ve simplified the process to apply for a novated lease, one of the most popular salary packaging benefits. Over 5000 customers have now experienced our paperless online credit application, complete with electronic signatures . . . reducing processing times by 75% . . . yet another industry first.

You can read more about this year’s achievement here.

Innovation became part of our strategy triangle in 2012. It’s quite remarkable how far we’ve come in a relatively short period of time. For example, we now employ two dedicated “Innovation Champions”, and we’re on track to implement over 100 staff generated ideas this calendar year!

It’s fantastic to be recognised for the effort made by our entire workforce to cultivate new and better ways to service our customers. We look forward to making further progress on this never ending journey.

Congratulations to all the other winners!

SmartIdeas – fanning the spark of innovation

Innovation is a key KPI for Smartgroup and we have some aggressive goals in maturing this capability throughout 2014. In preparation, last year we formalised the ideas pipeline, integrated it into Salesforce and renamed it SmartIdeas. We’ve also invested in innovation with two dedicated Innovation Champions to drive the program – Joelle Jenner and Jess Sorrasson (image L-R).

SmartIdeas helps to drive recognition and awareness amongst all of our employees that innovation is something we’re all capable of and is critical to any organisation’s ongoing success and growth. And it’s not just about game-changing big ideas – small, continual innovative improvements are just as important.

We’ve set a goal of implementing 100 ideas this year. To hit that we’ll probably need to generate at least twice that figure but this has the added advantage of demonstrating to employees that there’s a good chance their idea will be implemented.

We’re knocking it out of the park already! We’ve implemented in excess of 28 ideas in the last couple of months and we’re well on track to reach our goal of 100 ideas.

ImageOur employees are really energised and engaged by the process and our Innovation Champions are recording and enabling ideas at a rapid pace. Jess says the reason she loves being an Innovation Champion is that she gets to make ideas a reality and work on some amazing projects: “To be able to tell a colleague that their idea will be implemented and rolled out to the rest of the company is incredibly empowering and makes me feel like I’m just helping to make everyone’s life easier.”

Many of the ideas are currently focused internally and are operations based. As the year proceeds we’ll look to implement ideas more widely across the business and introduce some targeted customer feedback sessions.

Joelle says she loves bringing the innovation spark to life and keeps a Nelson Mandela quote in mind: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

And next month is InnoMAYtion, a whole month dedicated to learning about great innovators of the past and open everyone’s minds to their own inner innovator.

Thanks to Jess and Joelle for being such a positive driving force!

Building a culture of collaboration

Chatter is an internal social media tool used at Smartsalary. Think of it as a company-wide Facebook wall. Employees can share news, plan events and even report on sales statistics – all in an informal and collaborative manner.

On June 14 I was asked to speak about the way Smartsalary has embraced Chatter at a Cloudforce conference in Sydney. Watch the video of my keynote speech below.

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